My Why

Does it feel tough to breathe sometimes? Yes, it often does.

Areeb is been in long experimentation on why it hurts while we breathe. Sometimes it reveals that shortage of cash is the culprit blocking air vessels through lungs. On other times it realizes that lack of societal respect due to unavailability of luxuries causes heart malfunction and gives quiet breaths. At some occasions it’s neither money nor respect, yet some wants on durability of relationships only. There’s no free experimentation in this world, it costs sweat and tears to go by such drill.

Studies suggest happiness and breathing as intuitively connected to each other. I feel tireless when happy and get good vibes more frequently. It draws me a conclusion based on common understanding that, happiness energizes us.

Why Business

Let’s talk business while putting aside what makes us happy, how can we engineer our breathing mechanism perform better. I feel happy when I help others succeed and this feeling is really worth it.

I feel happy when I help others succeed.

Happy with this “why” 

We are witnessing times when IoT (Internet of things) is dissolving hard-core businesses. It is evident that renowned futuristic authors now quote college education a scam; same way newspapers and old media industry is about to be totally revamped. In past, it was essential to follow a hierarchy for business success, now obsolete. Ironical yet true that rulers are pulled without bullets, yet splendid composition of content & power of context works on social media.


In this era of evading fancy armies and decreasing role of humans, does it signal of good times? No! In fact, yes! Governments are out of option to avoid riot, except give free cash to everyone for peaceful living.
my-whyIt’s believed that B2B and B2C are way too old as ancient history. I opportunistically and optimistically believe that the same tech stuff helps flourish human-to-human (H2H) connection stronger than ever. It is my strong conviction that knowledge sharing never sees a dark tunnel.

Bottom Line

So! why I help businesses enhance their reach or enrich their capacity through training sessions? It isn’t only about money. It suffices the happiness side more often.

Happy breathing!